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FX35 Wrapped Stereo Upgrade Supercharged

Discussion in 'FX (03-08) - Gallery' started by enderle, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. enderle

    enderle Member

    United States
    FX35 AWD Supercharger Wrap Kenwood
    This is my 2008 FX35, Stillen Stage 2 supercharger (full kit-intake and exhaust) FX.jpg FX Front.jpg FX radio 1.jpg FX radio 2.jpg FX Supercharger.jpg , stainless steel wrap in blue, this is with the winter snow tires, and this has a new Kenwood head unit but we didn't reuse the old screen. Now that was tricky though we did lose color.
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  2. la_fx35

    la_fx35 Staff Moderator

    2003 FX45
    Nicely done. Any details on getting the factory display to show on the Kenwood screen?
  3. OP

    enderle Member

    United States
    FX35 AWD Supercharger Wrap Kenwood
    The stereo shop had to create an interface from scratch, apparently it was rather involved because just connecting the feed to the video in jack didn't work because of a frequency imbalance. They tried off the shelf solutions but couldn't get the video to hold vertically. With the custom solution they were able to get good video but the color was lost. I didn't care about the color. But even the navigation shows through but I now I use the navigation in the head unit or Android Auto or Car Play. Shop was Sounds Fast in Bend Oregon they likely could tell you how it was done: Car audio stereo installation, remote start, navigation, bluetooth, ipod, Bend, Or | Soundsfast
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  4. Pinstripe

    Pinstripe Member

    2013 FX37
    Great colour.
  5. myron02

    myron02 Member

    2007 fx35
    I like the SC, any HP numbers? What is it tuned with?