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[OT] Oh MY Goddddd

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by trainerKEN, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. trainerKEN

    trainerKEN iS VIP iS VIP

    okay, so earlier... in the process of adding a key to my keyring... I managed to drop it between the driver's seat and center console:mad:

    Let's just say... that was a pain in the a$$ to get out... I couldn't even locate the dern thing in the first place... it was like the black hole... then I saw it, and by the looks of it... I was thinking-impossible. BUT then, it hit me... I have one of those LONG wooden chopsticks used primarily for deep frying... (which I never use, cuz I don't deep fry anything)... it's an Asian thing, I think. Anyway, so if you guys ever lose something down there... try the long wooden chopsticks, it might just work, depending on the location of course (coat hanger might scratch).

    that's all...

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  2. Frankiago

    Frankiago Evo Troll Premium


    Not more than an hour ago, I unscrewed the cap on a Sobe bottle and I kinda whizzed it off, spun it and let it travel up by itself and the thing just flew off.

    Where did it go? Between the seat and center console lol

    I unfolded my wallet and used it to slide it out through the front lol... what a coincidence :p

    I did lose something in there once and I actually went in from behind (mind out of the gutter guys and gals :mad: [do we have any gals registered???]) to get it out.
  3. Guys you are not going to believe this......soon as I read this thread I had a flash back.....

    Picture this .............new apple IPHONE just out of the box, I'm playing with it while sitting in the drivers seat of the FX....guess what happens next, yep you get the picture. The damn thing falls, you guessed it, right between the seat and the console. Brand new phone and it just happens to land right between this black pit or hole !!!!! I couldn't even see it for a minute. I had to pull the seat back and forth just to find it. No chopsticks could reach this puppy, how would you grab it?? Finally just shoved my hand just where I could see the shiny part of the phone, gritted my teeth and grabbed it.....Whew lucky just scratches to the back side of the phone. Funny you should mention this helluva spot.........

  4. Krayzie

    Krayzie AĆ©rospatiale

    i think i have like $10 in change down there:LOL:
  5. Chedman13

    Chedman13 iS VIP iS VIP

    2014 Mercedes-Benz GL63 4Matic
    Same thing happened to me, except the valet did it. Spent 10-20 minutes looking for it. The car started so the key had to be in the car. We couldn't see anything outside the restaurant, so I just drove back home and spent one hour looking for it. It was in the "black hole." Maybe I'll put a shiny key chain on my I-key.
  6. Dr.2K

    Dr.2K iS Doctor on Duty iS VIP

    Santa Clarita, CA
    2005 FX45
    Actually Krayzie I think I have that 10 dollars now. Into one blackhole and out another :LOL:. This has happend to me so many times I lost track.
  7. brown_fv

    brown_fv Premium Member Premium

    thats exactly what i call it. whenever something goes down there it either takes 20 minutes to get out or i wont see it for a while LOL. one time my cell phone fell out of my pocket and down there somehow...i spent the whole day looking for it and finally located it there...man it was scratched up good when i got it out :frown: