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My top 10 observations since owning a FX....

Discussion in 'QX70 Chat' started by Z33_2_FX35, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Hey guys I've been driving my FX35 for about a week now and I must say I am totally in love with this car!!!! Just a few quick things I have noticed about this car compared to my 350Z.....here's the top 10:

    10) Wow this is a Nissan product? The finish inside is immaculate.

    9) Oh crap I have to watch out for bushes, trees, and overhangs now vs. pot holes and speed bumps.

    8) WTF is beeping at me now?!?! (I haven't figured out the NAV and all the other stuff yet :LOL:)

    7) That (insert sports car or rice rocket) isn't reving at me at the light anymore.

    6) Holy crap I can't use the "I don't have a back seat anymore" excuse not to drive when going out with friends.

    5) I think there's a lady stuck in the inside of my car talking to me in different languages.

    4) Infiniti dealerships actually give chit about you when you pull up. (At least they pretend more than Nissan...free water too ;))

    3) My kidney's don't hurt anymore from all the suspension pounding after driving the car around town.

    2) I can see everybody on the road now vs. Nobody can see me.

    And the number 1 observation is.............

    1) Man I should have gotten out of my Z a long time ago!!

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  2. Mongolian

    Mongolian Premium Member Premium


    I like these two:

    9) Oh crap I have to watch out for bushes, trees, and overhangs now vs. pot holes and speed bumps.

    2) I can see everybody on the road now vs. Nobody can see me.
  3. Dr.2K

    Dr.2K iS Doctor on Duty iS VIP

    Santa Clarita, CA
    2005 FX45
    Nice observations! You will definitely have more as time goes on and you get more familiar with your new toy! Enjoy the honeymoon ;).
  4. jc'sfx

    jc'sfx Premium Member Premium

    Until you lower it! ........ :LOL:
  5. brown_fv

    brown_fv Premium Member Premium

    Number 7 happens to me; must be my age :confused:.
  6. Psiclne

    Psiclne Guest

    Funny you say that - Cuz I rev on people like crazy now that I have the Nismo - When I am stopped at red lights and theres lil fixed up civics or scions next to me I floor it when It turns green - yeah yeah I know im picking on lil guys - but I cant really compete with the big boys.....see my thread RE: the Cobra (hahahaha)
  7. brown_fv

    brown_fv Premium Member Premium

    a weird scenario happened to me yesterday. i was going to get some bbt with a friend and there was this new V6 camry...it looked lowered and it was riding with VOLK rims! we were at a red light a few cars apart and when he heard my stereo he bumped his up too...i knew from then we were gonna have a problem :biggrin:. after there were no cars my friend in his 323 backed off cuz he knew he would get smoked by either of us so he let me cut him to take this fool LOL those v6 camrys are tooo fast! the driver looked younger than me and he was loosing a lot of speed in his turns throughout the road so i caught up and a few lights later we were almost dead even at another red. i rolled down my window to ask him if his engine was modded (im not gonna lie his engine sounded sick!) but he just looked in the other direction and wouldnt say anything lol

    i wouldn't say i wasnt happy...i mean i was able to hold grounds with a camry pushing 270hp! i guess driver skill was involved :p
  8. wasabiz45

    wasabiz45 Member

    speaking of camry... i was at a local perf. shop here, and i watched a 95 tan colored camry w/the mr2 (GTE motor), not mr-s motor dynoing w/a larger turbo. No frills on the exterior but a very sleeper muffler w/2.75D piping, an intercooler, lowered suspension and some 17" konig impact wheels. It dynoed 237whp, which is pretty good for what it had. Its a weird choice for a sleeper (straight line at least), the geometry of the car is simply not for extreme racing, but it's enough to embarass them highschool kids in their mustangs and camros.
  9. OP

    Z33_2_FX35 Member

    Hey some people need to work with what their mamas gave them. In the case of the camary I'm sure that's where most of them got the car from :LOL::rofl: