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My Fx got broken into last night :(

Discussion in 'QX70 Chat' started by robb<35>, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. last night my fx got broken into:( smashed my back window , my passenger side window, the took my subs which i just had installed 2 weeks ago,i called the cops but they wont do shit, will insurance cover this ? and my rate go up? heres the devestation, someones been watching this street , 4 other cars were broken into as well and one of them they opened the garage, when i find out who did this they are donee, they also took my insurance papers but not my ownership?


    if anyone sees suspicious eclipse subs up for sale with an mtx amp plz let me know, maybe i can track them somehow and find out who did this

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  2. Deecarp

    Deecarp Member

    Bay Area
    QX60 AWD
    Sorry to hear this happened to you. Your insurance should cover that, you have a police report, or you'll need to get one. Also if you have a receipts on your equipment they should pay you the cost of your loss.

    Question: was your rear window tinted? Did you play your music loud while driving in your neighborhood?

    I just hate the fact when we work hard and do all the right things, someone just has to step on us when we least expect it. I hope everything works out for you and who ever the individuals is that did that, is caught. B-E-Z, all the best to you...

    BIGTURK Premium Member Premium

    I'm sorry for what happened to you, it just plain sucks. I had my share of broken in cars in the past, pisses you off. But keep a cool head, let the police handle it if you find who did this. And if they don't..... Your insurance should cover for the damages and the loss of equipment, and make sure they know that thieves took your papers. Good luck.
  4. OP

    robb<35> Member

    ya most diffantly, well i called the cops and gave them my info so they have the report right there, for insurance i have to pay the $ 500 deducitble and they cover the rest, how much is the rear liftgate and passenger side glass anyways? , i just cant believe some fucking moron would do this, people work hard for there money and have passions for cars, i love my fx and to see this is terrible, also they dropped a garage door opener button, so im going to go around the area pressing the button, if one of those doors opens i found the guy for sure, thanks guys, i'll keep you posted
  5. gto

    gto Track Ready Moderator

    Los Angeles, CA
    05 FX35 RWD
    total violation . . sorry.
    looks like someone's gonna be cold :mad:
  6. Krayzie

    Krayzie AĆ©rospatiale

    that sucks man, hope your FX gets fixed up soon!
  7. Dr.2K

    Dr.2K iS Doctor on Duty iS VIP

    Santa Clarita, CA
    2005 FX45
    Sorry to hear this has happened to you robb. Good luck with trying to catch the people responsible for this. You insurance should cover this loss. Good luck.
  8. trainerKEN

    trainerKEN iS VIP iS VIP

    ouch, sorry to hear AND see that... :frown: What goes around comes around... those guys' days are number'd
  9. Psiclne

    Psiclne Guest

    man this sucks - :shame:
  10. brown_fv

    brown_fv Premium Member Premium

    Damn that sucks!! makes me kinda scared cuz its close to home. if more than one car got broken into like you said then the area was obviously targeted, this wasn't a random act and the police SHOULD do something to make it aware in the area.

    i bet you feel totally violated, i felt the same when my house got broken into and my FX and my dads 5 series got jacked last year, i didnt feel the same in the house for a long time.

    Hope everything gets fixed up perfectly and hopefully the cops find out who did this. btw, did the alarms from your car or any other ones go off during the night?
  11. fxlr8

    fxlr8 Staff Administrator

    Time for some cameras, there was a guy on the wrx forums that put up surveillance cameras because he parked his car in the street and all it caught was a tree falling on his wrx.
  12. OP

    robb<35> Member

    thanks guys, and no alarms went off or anything thats the thing, one of the people down the street had an alarm but it didnt go off, the street was targeted for sure, but i guarantee its someone on the street, just matter of time to find out, and all the cops said to me on the phone was '' your just going to have to call insurance , we will call you this week'' but i called insurance an hour ago and the claims guy will get back to me, we'll just have to see what happens, does infiniti dealer have these stock in the warehouse or do they have to order it from japan or something which takes like 6 weeks?
  13. gto

    gto Track Ready Moderator

    Los Angeles, CA
    05 FX35 RWD
    About a month ago, I woke up & heard some glass breaking at about 5AM. Looked outside, & saw two dudes in Raiders jackets looking into cars with flashlights. They were going car after car. They were pretty much looking for bags or purses just left there in the open for an easy take, cuz a friend of mine had theirs broken into in the same couple o' days & had his laptop jacked. They didnt break into my rides, which are in the carport, so I just called the police. Took them 45 minutes to arrive.I really feel for you man, but in this situation, I wasnt going out there to confront them. Who knows if they were packing. I can just assume they were. Now had they been at my ride, I'm sure I wouldnt have been so overly cautious . . maybe selfish of me, but I got a family . .
  14. Krayzie

    Krayzie AĆ©rospatiale

    Rob: glass and most parts usually takes 2-3 days for them to get in...well at least at my dealership, so i would think it shouldn't take too long
  15. OP

    robb<35> Member

    alright sounds good, cause i heard if theres none in stock at the infiniti warehouse its takes like 5 -6 weeks to order, infiniti charages usually what? like 700 bucks for the rear? and 400 for the front?
  16. brown_fv

    brown_fv Premium Member Premium

    Good luck man...hope it works out fine. any chance your going to park your car in the garage now?
  17. OP

    robb<35> Member

    it happend outside my g/f house, i always park my truck inside the garage, they took my insurance papers so if my address is they might come , who knows, but i'll be there with a bat in hand and some other toys, no worries,
  18. Keemo

    Keemo Premium Member Premium

    Ahhh mann!!! I hate it when this happends.
    I've had my other truck broken into 4 times since I moved to Edmonton.
    The first time was the worst, I had some pretty serious subs in the back that were taken so I definately know how you feel. And the police dont do anything. I only reported the first one and they were like 'OK, fill out this sheet and have a nice day'.

    I hope it all works out ok for you!
    And that you catch them in the act one night.
    Dont let it ruin the season for you.:XiS:
  19. OP

    robb<35> Member

    thanks guys i appreciate it, and only if i got my alarm earlier, i had an appoitment this week to get one installed, any one know of a really good one, like serious alarm like viper or compustar something with good technology , im going to need it now, i talked to one of the neighbours he said that he heard some noise at around 4-6 in the morning, and doors slamming shut and ppl talking, so it was a group of jackasses
  20. HumbertoCALI

    HumbertoCALI Premium Member Premium

    South Gate, CA
    2003 FX45 AWD
    f**K... f%#k

    That sucks...

    I'm sorry about your FX....