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lowered my 45 with H&R today! not very happy.

Discussion in 'FX (03-08) - Wheels & Suspension' started by SanQ, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. SanQ

    SanQ Member

    after reading good reviews of H&R, I ordered a set for fx45 from local car shop. got them on today. BUT, the front was lower than rear. about 5mm, not a big difference, but noticeable ....if I spend the money, I want to get it right. the guy in the car shop told me that the springs in the rear will shrink within a week or two. so it should be too bad after that. but front springs will shrink too right?

    I dont know , how is it going to be?

    Dr.2K: you have eibach springs on your 45 right? are they at the same height?


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  2. OP

    SanQ Member

    I dont know if the guy did it right. I just did some measurement.

    LF: 79.2cm
    RF: 79.2cm

    LR: 79.8cm
    RR: 80.2cm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WTH, LR and RR is different! omg
  3. Let the springs settle for a bit before you demand any recourse.
  4. Krayzie

    Krayzie AĆ©rospatiale

    i dont know if you looked into the springs before you bought them but they are advertised as being lower in the front than the rear with a F1.3" R1.2" drop. But that is weird about the two sides being different heights...maybe air pressure is different in the tires? making one side lower...
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2007
  5. Dont most springs regardless of application lower the rears more anyways?
  6. Dr.2K

    Dr.2K iS Doctor on Duty iS VIP

    Santa Clarita, CA
    2005 FX45
    See how they settle in after a couple of weeks. It also could be that the rear height difference was due to misalignment of the springs at the shop. And as krayzie said the H&R do have an advertised height difference from the front and rear. But I believe the eibachs advertise the same front and rear height. But even so my front does sit a bit lower then the rear and this is more noticeably so on the 45 then the 35.

    I actually like the a little lower front then the rear as it gives it a bit more of an aggressive look.
  7. brown_fv

    brown_fv Premium Member Premium

    wait a while for your springs to settle...it might even out.

    as for the height difference h&r advertises a lower drop in the front than the rear so you got what you paid for.
  8. Chedman13

    Chedman13 iS VIP iS VIP

    2014 Mercedes-Benz GL63 4Matic
    I agree, let them settle. I posted pictures of my H&R's and you can tell that the front's get noticeably lower than the rears. On of the reasons for people buying the H&R's is the advertised height drop is 1.3" front and 1.2" rear vs the 1.2"/1.2" Eibachs. I also think the FX45 drops a bit more in the front is due to the engine weight, but that is just a guess.

    Wait a little, get an alignment and then see how it is. For me, handling was more of a concern which was vastly improved. Were you at least happy with the handling improvement and ride quality? I'm not too concerned about mm differences unless it messes up the geometry of the car and I notice uneven wear on tires etc...

    Eibach's might be a better bet for you if you're concerned about the drop being as close as possible in front and rears. I'm sure you can sell your H&R's in a heartbeat.

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.
  9. rookie

    rookie Premium Member Premium


    The difference you're showing is really small. Imagine what the 35 RWD guys deal with when using the eibachs. :biggrin:
  10. OP

    SanQ Member

    thanks for everyone's input.

    ride is a lot smoother than stock now, can't believe it is smoother even when it's lowered.

    yeah, I will wait and see. if it is still like this, I will try rotate the spring. would it help?
  11. HumbertoCALI

    HumbertoCALI Premium Member Premium

    South Gate, CA
    2003 FX45 AWD
    I don't know how that is possible...

    When the springs are put in place, they are put in place. The only thing I can think of is flipping them upside down....But, that would make no sense at all..

    just give them a couple of weeks....
  12. I will take these springs off ur hands if you ever decide to get rid of them.
  13. gto

    gto Track Ready Moderator

    Los Angeles, CA
    05 FX35 RWD
    Less rebound = less bounce & smoother ride.
    Now go hit the canyons :biggrin:
  14. OP

    SanQ Member

    its been over a week now, right rear now is half inch higher!, I swich the springs between left and right. right is still higher, that means it is the car, not the springs. oh,well, I will live with that half a inch. other than this, ride and handling are good.:rolleyes:
  15. da mayor

    da mayor Member

    any pics?