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installing new radio

Discussion in 'FX (03-08) - Electronics & Lighting' started by flow, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. flow

    flow Member

    Hi all ,

    I have some questions regarding installing an aftermarket radio .
    I'm going to install a double din radio where the oem screen is located . But how do i connect that radio , is there some kind of wiring harnass i can use the install it or do you have to cut and weld wires ?

    I have installed many sound systems but yhis is my first car with a build in radio so i want to know what to di before i begin .


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  2. Frankiago

    Frankiago Evo Troll Premium

    Don't really understand you here... built in radio? I thought we've had those as a factory standard since the 1950's? You have to relocate the original orange screen if you want to replace the screen with a new one. The wiring will not mate up with anything you try to hook it to. We don't have an interface to read that info and display it on a screen (yet?). Relocate the orange screen and put that double din you want where the orange used to be.
  3. OP

    flow Member

    Sorry , maybe i did not explain it good (my english is not that good )

    This is what i'm going to do .
    Because in europe the nav does not work , i bought a non tech fx .
    But i want nav , back up camera an bluetooth phone , so 'm going to relocate the oem screen . And put in a double din unit .
    But my question is how do i hook up the new radio (power , let it play thru the bose system , ect.... ) .
  4. Frankiago

    Frankiago Evo Troll Premium

    Ahhh gotcha. Power can be tapped off an ACC line (ensure it's one you don't normally use because you don't want to overload that single socket. I chose the one inside the arm-rest). To hook into factory audio, you may want to check underneath your arm rest, from the back (open arm rest and pull the back panel off that the rear passengers would be looking at) and look for pins for connecting to what would've been a factory DVD player.

    This is where I hooked in for audio. Jumper between two pins enables this feature (the CD/AV button swaps between playin CDs and playin whatever comes through these pins I'm referring to), and hooking in to 2 more pins enables the L/R audio signals. The ground associated with these pins is extremely weak, so tie your L/R audio signal grounds in to the car's ground (ie a bolt that goes into metal). If you don't add in an extra ground off of that line, you'll get static/buzz.