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Installed cabin filter and have questions

Discussion in 'FX (03-08) - Interior & Exterior' started by mtbfx, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. mtbfx

    mtbfx Member

    monterey park
    i just found out that my 03 fx35 does not come standard with this filter (ill verify with my dealer since they informed me it was standard).

    tonight i installed a charcoal filter and was wondering if there are any plastic tabs/foam i am missing that i need to install (according to infinitihelp, filter sits on two black plastic tabs, which i did not see). the plastic door has some tabs on its lower side pointed towards the inside of the housing, telling me that this pushes the filter upward when closed.

    i am hearing some whistle on full fan mode. am i missing anything vs the oem filter? or i simply need to reposition the filter? thanks.

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  2. Chedman13

    Chedman13 iS VIP iS VIP

    2014 Mercedes-Benz GL63 4Matic
    The filter is directional, did you place it the correct way? Also, yes it does not come standard with 03. My filter just slides in, no tabs. The plastic door does have a tab which snaps shut to seal it off... Not sure if this helps.
  3. OP

    mtbfx Member

    monterey park
    thanks bro. i followed the instructions (i.e. brand visible facing rear of car, arrow pointed up). i did have to raise the filter on one side as i was closing the plastic door so the that bottom tabs/guides will lift the filter. i wonder if you did the same. ill recheck it tonight.
  4. durak2000

    durak2000 Member

    sounds like you did it right. Which filter did you use? Just yesterday, I installed a 'FilterMaster Activated Carbon Cabin Filter' in my '03.

    A couple observations:

    1. what I had there before was a dealer-installed regular Nissan paper type filter. It had no arrows on it. However, I could read the NISSAN logo and it was facing the rear of vehicle.

    2. after I took the old filter out and looked at the FilterMaster, it appeared to be directional with 'air flow' arrow printed on it's face. I figured out that the arrow needs to be pointed DOWN and this is why. First I turned the fan on without a filter, took a tiny piece of paper and held it over the fan inside the white plastic box - the paper appeared to be sucked into the fan. Second, I looked at the old filter which was full of debris ON TOP - that right away told me that the air traveled from the top of box, through the filter and into the fan. Hence the air flow arrow MUST be pointing DOWN, not up.

    3. this was my first time installing the filter, so I did notice the plastic tabs inside the box, which the back of the filter was supposed to rest on, but somehow completely overlooked the tabs on the snap-on cover that closed the airfilter box. So after the first try the back of my filter was higher than the front, which was pushed in a bit by the tabs on the inside of the door. I had a bit of a doubt, went to the owners manual for FX and G35 and both said that the door also has tabs and the filter must rest ON TOP of them rather than behind them. So I went in again, opened the door and while holding the left tab of the door in at half-closed position carefully pushed the filter up while closing the door at the same time. You can also check the correctness of your install by pointing your flashlight at the door - it is semi-transparent and you should see the white back of your filter in a nice straight line towards the top of the plastic door.

    all in all I have high-end filter now and saved a ton of money and most importantly - that nice clean smell and dust-free cabin :tup: