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I think Infiniti just fixed my bluetooth!!!!

Discussion in 'QX70 Chat' started by frankfx, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. frankfx

    frankfx Member

    Wasn't sure to post this here or in Interior/Exterior electrical but I think this is big news.

    Well I picked my FX up from Ramsey Infiniti last night, after I had dropped it up for a tire rotation/balancing and bluetooth mic adjustment as recommended from a fellow org'er Soonster.

    Got the car back 1 day later after they told me, not only are they adjusting the mic, but they had to replace a bluetooth switch/module as well as it was defective. Mind you, I tested it the morning of dropping it off and the bluetooth did work, I made a couple of calls on the way to the dealer. I was given an '07 G35X for my trouble to tool around in and I was so impressed by it, I posted a thread about it in the General forums.

    So I get it back last night, after a call from my service advisor, telling me it was all fixed and not only that but washed and cleaned. (I was very skeptical at first about it, but after a thorough walkaround, didnt see too much in the way of swirl marks), they did a great job cleaning it!

    This morning I tested the bluetooth and made a few test calls, one to my office voicemail, Soonster at work and my friend's voicemail (whom should let me know later on as he told me i sounded muffled in a barrel when i called him). Soonster and I agree that there was a definite improvement. We agree that voice quality is akin to a call over a VOIP phone or Skype. Its not perfect but its not horrible like before. I listened to my own voicemail and the voice volume was loud and clear, maybe very little distortion (speakerphone quality).

    If anyone wants me to make a test call to see how it sounds, I'm willing to do so.

    Big thumbs up to Ramsey Infiniti, Ramsey, NJ - from car dropoff to pickup, I was treated 1st class without issue which is rare these days!

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  2. HumbertoCALI

    HumbertoCALI Premium Member Premium

    South Gate, CA
    2003 FX45 AWD
    Wow that's great...

    I can't beleive that a service department was that thorough with your baby..

    Good to know that there is a place on the East Coast that takes care of you this way..
  3. Airvtec

    Airvtec Member

    Hayward, CA
    2006 FX35
    I wonder if this is bluetooth fix is something all dealerships will do? I know this has been a big enough problem where I don't even use the bluetooth function. What's the point when the person on the other end can't hear you.

    For the longest time I've been thinking to move the mic out of it's original place. Perhaps I'll give the dealership a call to see if they have a fix.
  4. da mayor

    da mayor Member

    well i never had an issue with any of my bluetooths -- in my '06 FX35 or my '07 FX45, or even my '06 G. i have heard cases from M's and FX's b/c of the mic angle but that was about it.
  5. OP can you please give me more info on this bluetooth issue you are having? I have the handsfree package with bluetooth phone and people cant seem to hear me no matter how loud I speak. They keep saying it sounds like I am really really far away from the reciever.
  6. da mayor

    da mayor Member

    try looking towards the microphone but position yourself about 2 feet away from it. see if that works. also, make sure the vents aren't blowing towards the mic.

    BTLFED Member

    Woodstock GA
    2006 FX35 AWD
    That's right. There is actually an ITB about the bluetooth in the M's. We have only had one FX with a bluetooth problem though, and I am still trying to get the part number for the module sorted out.:frown:
  8. OP

    frankfx Member

    Prior to the fix, when I'd make calls thru the car's bluetooth system, people on the other end would complain, I sound muffled, like "talking in a barrell", echo etc... no my vents don't aim at the mic, even speaking louder than normal, it just sounded more echoey and far away.

    The TSB is an adjustment of the mic. My service included replacement of my bluetooth switch (not sure why). Now, I don't have to raise my voice, or talk any closer to the mic. The service tech adjusted the volume level of the mic and angle and I haven't had a complaint since.
  9. Thanks for the reply, you happen to have that TSB number?
  10. Im in the same boat.... I don't even use my Bluetooth option in my fx anymore and the dealer wants me to leave my car and phone for a full day with them. I can't do that, I'm self employed and people call me 24/7. It's like telling them to fix a car without tools.

    Anyone in the LA/IE area know of a good service rep to help them with their problems?