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I Got My Sport Tails!

Discussion in 'QX70 Chat' started by INFINITEEFX45, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. before i install the tail lights this weekend, does anyone know if ANY of the sport tails were recalled? the last thing i want to do is to install recalled tails. thank you all for your input!

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  2. HumbertoCALI

    HumbertoCALI Premium Member Premium

    South Gate, CA
    2003 FX45 AWD
    there was only a recall on the Red tails.. The Sport Tail were not subject to the recall. Correct me if I am wrong...
  3. Frankiago

    Frankiago Evo Troll Premium

    Sport tails were affected. I have an '03 and I brought it in with sport tails on and they gave me brand new sport tails.

    I remember hearing that there was a huge delay in getting the FX's to the lots b/c they discovered the recall just about that time. Being so, they kept the '06s I believe just off of the boat to have them all swapped over to recalled lights. So yes, I believe '05s came with pre-recall sport tails and '06s FOR THE MOST PART stayed back a bit before getting updated and THEN sent off to dealers.

    Lastly, my pre-recall sport tails that I purchased in '05 I believe were taken by the dealer and may have been re-sold as used lights on eBay or sold to a second party that does re-sell them on sites like eBay.
  4. Psiclne

    Psiclne Guest

    I have an 05 w/ Sports Package and mine were recalled.
  5. turbocad6

    turbocad6 iS VIP iS VIP

    brooklyn, ny
    I use pre-recall sport lights & I've seen them side by side with an 07 from every angle & there is no huge discernable difference. there is nothing really wrong with pre-recall lights, it's not like they don't do what there supposed to do, they do. the recall was all about the lights not meeting a spec in dot regulations. the actual difference is small, well, not to nissans bottom line, they had no choice but to make the changes the dot required, but in reality there fine lights, they don't explode or emit toxic rays or smell or anything, theres no big drawback to using them & not even any real reason to prefer them even in my opinion, I doubt most people could even ever tell the difference. does anyone know anything about them that I don't?
  6. Deecarp

    Deecarp Member

    Bay Area
    QX60 AWD
    The only noticeable difference was the brightness of the tail when braking, they were brighter. Since having the post recall I don't light up people behind me like I use too. I believe one of the reasons for the recall was b/c the rear tails were to bright, and the front shined further in distance.
  7. turbocad6

    turbocad6 iS VIP iS VIP

    brooklyn, ny
    yeah, I kinda thought mine were brighter from straight on but a little hard even to be really sure. I also noticed that the brightness of the early design was deminished a bit more on an angle than the after recalls,but they both loose there intesity at more of an angle, more than most other cars, but again, niether light seemed to have a distinct advantage over the other. I initially thought the recalled lights would make this angled vision more viewable, but no, the pre & posts both suffer from bad angle view because the leds are so recessed.

    ... pre-recalled lights are not a bad thing at all, & it may even be possible that the pre recalls may even have a few advantages over the post recalls really, I personally like the pre recall headlights better than the newer ones, they do seem to light better to me, maybe not a huge difference either way though.

    bottom line, there really is no bad thing about using pre recalled lights really.
  8. brown_fv

    brown_fv Premium Member Premium

    i am pretty sure my tail lights are pre recalled, doesnt bother me though.

    if the lights you had on your FX were not recalled either, you can take your FX in to do the recall and they will probably swap your clear tails for a recalled version of clear tails.