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HOW TO: Changing Transmission Fluid

Discussion in 'FX (03-08) - Write-Ups' started by shralp, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. So I just took the plunge into my first tranny fluid change and took some pics. I used 5 quarts instead of flushing all of it.

    Check out the technical documents here:
    FX: Changing Transmission Fluid - InfinitiScene.com

    1. Nissan Matic J transmission fluid (got lucky and found some on ebay but most likely you'll have to go to a Nissan dealer and pay $15/qt)
    2. 10mm socket
    3. bucket
    4. plyers
    5. a friend to help
    6. funnel
    7. ramps/jack stands (so you can fit the bucket under)

    1. Lift car and remove splash guard.

    2. Remove the engine cover so you can get to the charging pipe behind the engine.

    3. Unscrew the 10mm bolt holding the dip stick in. Remove the dip stick.

    4. If you're replacing X quarts of fluid, fill your bucket with X quarts of water and make a line at the water level. This way you'll know when do stop draining.

    5. Get all your Nissan Matic J transmission fluid opened and lined up so you or you're friend can continuosly pour. Start your engine (nothing will drain without the engine running).

    6. Get under the engine with your bucket ready. You'll be removing the smaller hose from the radiator (see picture).

    7. With your plyers, squeeze the hose clamp and slide it farther up the hose.

    8. Put your bucket directly below the end of the hose and get positioned so you can watch the fluid level reach the line on the inside of the bucket.

    9. Pull the hose off the radiator. I used plyers on this step but it might be easier to just use your hand. TIP: JUST AS THE HOSE RELEASES FROM THE RADIATOR, GIVE IT A PINCH TO STOP THE FLUID FROM SPRAYING ALL OVER YOUR GARAGE!. Otherwise you're garage will look like this.

    10. Yell to your friend to start pouring. Aim the hose at the bucket and stop pinching. Watch the fluid fill the bucket. As soon as it reaches the line in the bucket, pinch the hose again and reconnect it to the radiator. Hopefully all the old fluid is in your bucket and not on your body/garage floor.

    11. Slide the hose clamp back to the end of the hose with your plyers.

    12. Turn off your engine and give your friend a high five or a kick in the nuts, depending on his performance.

    13. Put the splash guard back on. Screw the dip stick bolt back into the charging pipe. Put your engine cover back on.

    14. Good work, now go drink a beer and order some more mods for your FX.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jul 28, 2007

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  2. fxlr8

    fxlr8 Staff Administrator

    Thanks for this, very good write-up.
  3. Ausfx

    Ausfx Member

    Thanks for the post. I tried to figure out how to check my tranny fluid yesterday and couldn't find the dipstick location. All the owner's manual had to offer was to suggest taking my car to the Infiniti dealer.
  4. Trannsmission Drain Plug

    Is there a drain plug for our Fx35's?
  5. fxlr8

    fxlr8 Staff Administrator


    It is not actually a plug but a hose from the lower part of the radiator. Look at step 6 above.
  6. is this just a half flush?
    cuz u got to change the filter to right!
  7. Rubare

    Rubare Premium Member Premium

    How much does it cost to get a T flush by the stealership? Does anyone know!
  8. theMerchant

    theMerchant iS VIP iS VIP

    Metro Infiniti told me that they never flush the tranny. they just do a fluid change. (cycle trans fluid until it clean)

    the reason stated was it can damage the trans.
  9. theMerchant

    theMerchant iS VIP iS VIP

    BTW great write up Shralp.

    Would disconnecting the line (and aiming into bucket) before you start the engine prevent the spillage?
  10. Rubare

    Rubare Premium Member Premium

    Cool, thanks for the info
  11. SpecialFX

    SpecialFX Member

    Thats what im wondering, or at least wouldnt be as messy?

    Great writeup though BTW!
  12. FXchris305

    FXchris305 Member

    2005 Honda S2000
    thanks . very helpful . il be doing a transmission fluid change this weekend
  13. myl168

    myl168 Member

    Dallas, Tx
    2003 fx45
    I did this last weekend. dealership wanted $120, fluid included. Service guy said they usually "drain and fill" 6qts. make sure to pinch the hose when taking off, and pinch when putting the hose back on, and you should minimize mess.
  14. good tips,thanks. :cool::biggrin::rolleyes:
  15. noodlelegs

    noodlelegs Member

    Is there a filter for the transmission fluid?
  16. Gsun

    Gsun Member

    2010 FX35
    :tup: thanks!!
  17. talked to the dealership yesterday. they said a flush and fill was not a good thing to do. he recommended having it flushed. he said that if you flush and fill, you are only getting half the fluid out, and you are contaiminating the new fluid right away with all the old stuff left in there. he said they do it for 350. that is including the 10 quarts which is very expensive. i might go that route.

    ---------- Post added at 12:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:42 PM ----------

    i meant the "drain and fill" was not a good thing to do. he recommended the flush
  18. J3FF3R$0N

    J3FF3R$0N She Needs Premium Dude ! Premium

    Milton, Ontario
    2004 FX35
    No, there is no filter inside
  19. noodlelegs

    noodlelegs Member

    I was also told that the drain and fill was not good. Because there could still be contaminated fluid in the system. But I am not an Infiniti mechanic, so I guess I will just to the drain and fill.
  20. bleedingsujit

    bleedingsujit Premium Member Premium

    but you will have to run the engine in idle to drain the liquid. Emptying the trans fluid while engine running can damage the transmission.