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FX35 Headers?

Discussion in 'FX (03-08) - Engine & Drivetrain' started by Psiclne, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Psiclne

    Psiclne Guest

    Are there any headers out there for our FX where we can still put the Heat shield back on? I've been reading about Headers most of the day - and doesnt look like its possible. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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  2. brown_fv

    brown_fv Premium Member Premium

    what heat shield are you talking about? i thought all the headers (minus crawford) were bolt on...
  3. Chedman13

    Chedman13 iS VIP iS VIP

    2014 Mercedes-Benz GL63 4Matic
    I think I read that they bolt up fine, it's just that something gets in the way and they had to either remove it or grind it down. Maybe it's the bottom plastic panel?
  4. OP

    Psiclne Guest

    I havent looked at the stock exhaust manifold - but usually theres a metal shield on top of the exhaust manifold - and was wondering if the shield can be put back on with the headers on. Something like this (this is for a mazda)

  5. EG3

    EG3 Premium Member Premium

    I got Stillen installed 2-3 months ago and they couldn't keep the heat shield.. I don't think there's enough space for both the headers & the shield to be there.. Most of the time they barely fit the headers..
  6. rookie

    rookie Premium Member Premium

    Yeah, I don't think they'd fit back on very well. But if they did you'd more than likely have a bunch of rattling that you don't want. Headers make the motor sound very throaty. :p
  7. EG3

    EG3 Premium Member Premium

    As an afterthought.. If you get it jethot coated, that does decrease the heat the headers give out don't they? Also increase the lifespan & effectiveness of the headers??
  8. OP

    Psiclne Guest

    Youre right - I didnt even think of the rattling. :err:
  9. brown_fv

    brown_fv Premium Member Premium

    rattling is too annoying...i have one coming from the back i cant stand it right now :frown:
  10. OP

    Psiclne Guest

    Was doin some reading on G35driver - and looks like headers wont help too much unless you go with HFC's.........for those that have headers, are you guys all using HFC's? Will HFC's pass smog? I'm guessing if your gonna put headers on, I shouldnt be worried about the HFC's passing smog huh? That was one of the reasons for the heat shield at least that will help with the visual part of the test......back to reading.......:mad:
  11. brown_fv

    brown_fv Premium Member Premium

    man these smog laws really suck you guys (but i guess theyre good for the environment)
    i dont have to worry about them till my vehicle is 5 yrs or 7 yrs old.

    oh yeah, i do also plan on getting a set of HFC's soon after i can afford headers (i heard the fast intentions ones were wicked)