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[OT] Great but nervous day...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by FX_Allen, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. **UPDATE** Got my fujita back finally... will post after warranty exchange then install...

    I got the Fujita SRI... FINALLY!

    View attachment 137428

    Has anyone had a problem with the oil consumption issue other VQ's have been experiencing lately?
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2008

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  2. brown_fv

    brown_fv Premium Member Premium

    Congrats on your first mod =)

    man i thought the problem with H&R sending out the wrong springs was already dealt with...im kinda nervous now to order a set of springs soon...
  3. trainerKEN

    trainerKEN iS VIP iS VIP

    A lot people say good things about LMS in Monrovia
  4. Mongolian

    Mongolian Premium Member Premium

    Yep, LMS provides excellent service. I recently got my H&R installed there for $240.
  5. Dr.2K

    Dr.2K iS Doctor on Duty iS VIP

    Santa Clarita, CA
    2005 FX45
    Yup, Steve is the man. Ask for him and tell him you are from the fx forum he will take good care of you.
  6. Keemo

    Keemo Premium Member Premium

    Congrats on your first mod!!

    Where is everyone ordering their springs from that they are wrong?

    :iS: it actually H&R?
  7. OP

    FX_Allen Member

    Actually i got mine from tire rack... a friend of mine works with them for some stuff at his company so they gave me a corporate (good-relations) discount. Better than paying retail i guess... yea but they apologized and told me that they will ship a new one and send me to the nearest tirerack place for a free install on the house... But I have to wait more... :mad:

    Cancelled my order... wanna do more engine work before supension or exterior mods...
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2008
  8. Psiclne

    Psiclne Guest

    I believe they are confusing the Murano ones for FX.....I remember reading about it on the Org. Rookie made a thread on IS that has the right part numbers though. So Just make sure the numbers match.

    +1 on LMS.

    BIGTURK Premium Member Premium

    Congrats, and get better soon.