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FX35 Exhaust Layout

Discussion in 'FX (03-08) - Engine & Drivetrain' started by jc'sfx, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. jc'sfx

    jc'sfx Premium Member Premium

    Can someone tell me if the 03-06 Fx's have a different exhaust layout from an 07? I looked underneath my Fx today and I noticed it was a little different. Can someone help me out with this?


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  2. rookie

    rookie Premium Member Premium

    What did you notice that looked different? The costs to change stuff like that is a lot so I would think they would change as little as possible to keep profit margins up.
  3. OP

    jc'sfx Premium Member Premium

    for one, the hanger in the back of the exhaust on the stock points towards the front of the engine and on the nismo points to the left. Also, the pipe from the Y pipe seems a little off and for all who knows makes a big difference. I should've taken a picture before I posted so that I can illustrate it a little better. I was just wanted to know if they did change it or if anyone knows of any change.
  4. gto

    gto Track Ready Moderator

    Los Angeles, CA
    05 FX35 RWD
    You need a pic of this
  5. rookie

    rookie Premium Member Premium

    Do you or the person you got it from have a to hitch?
  6. OP

    jc'sfx Premium Member Premium

    I knew I shouldve taken a pic but I didnt have my camera when I brought it to the shop.

    I got it from gq6967 and I dont believe he has a tow hitch.
  7. rookie

    rookie Premium Member Premium

    Driver side or passenger side hanger?
  8. rookie

    rookie Premium Member Premium

    I'm a picture person so I went thru my pics.


    The orientation of the metal hanger is not too big of a deal. If I remember correctly one of the rubber hangers is like this.

    And the other one the holes are not in the same direction, the main thing is that the hangers are in the correct location.

    Attached Files:

  9. OP

    jc'sfx Premium Member Premium

    UPDATE --- Sorry for the late post fellas. My mechanic was able to bend the hanger towards the front of the FX and everything else fell into place. I will post pic of the new drop :) and the sound clip of the exhaust as well. Thanks everyone for your help esp. Rookie for the pics ^^ which I showed my mechanic and he said " dayymmmm, that's some hot a$$ Sh$%!!!!".
  10. Keemo

    Keemo Premium Member Premium

    Any updates?:)
  11. Chedman13

    Chedman13 iS VIP iS VIP

    2014 Mercedes-Benz GL63 4Matic

    You use these Nismo hangers? They say they're stiffer than OEM exhaust hangers, just wondering if you had any feed back if you used them. They're about $13/piece so not cheap. I'm guessing these are pretty universal to any exhaust. I took off one of my OEM hangers and there is a lot of give, would like to stiffen it up.

    Attached Files: