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[OT] Dear Infiniti/Nissan...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by trainerKEN, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. trainerKEN

    trainerKEN iS VIP iS VIP

    ...okay, I've been wanting to start this thread for the longest time but kept putting it off, anyway... as I'm posting this right now... and it's about midnight... and I see "4 guest". I notice this all the time... these "guest" Who are YOU guys??!! Maybe just some lurkers... which is fine. Too lazy to register? Okay... :wub:whatever. OR could it be...? R & D from Infiniti??!!! :eek::eek::eek: ...maybe.... ;)

    so, just in case they are "watching" and wanting to get feedbacks... perhaps ideas on the next FX or whatever car... We are going to give in our inputs here... be it things we like/love with the current FX, or something we'd like to see on the next gen.... whatever it is on your mind let's just post away... and maybe... just... maybe these post may somehow make it to the right people and make a difference... I'll start... (btw, these are purely opinions to each of his own... so no flamin')

    1) LOVE LOVE LOVE the FX... Ford has that slogan... "Bold Moves" hmmmmm, I really don't see anything in their line up that's "Bold". Maybe the GT or the Shelby Mustang... that's about it... but back in 02' when you guys released the FX?... NOW, THAT WAS BOLD.

    2) I know it seems that everyone's going the route with 3rd row seating... and that's where the market it... but it would be really cool if the FX kept it's original characteristics and NOT have a 3rd row... but if you gotta have it... it CAN be done right... for example... I didn't even know that the BMW X5 has an optional 3rd row seating... and yet it looks sporty and perportional, where as the Audi Q7's getting a bit long. But then again... the FX should NOT be in competition with the X5 but the X6... so, really... no 3rd row would be better...

    3) Mercedes Benz has the AMG division, BMW with "M", Audi/"S", Ford/SVT, Cadillac/"V", Toyota/"TRD", and so on and so on... Nissan's got Nismo... Why NOT have an "Nismo" edition of the next FX? Show the pride... you guys do it with the "Z" and the Frontier... We'd love to see it over in the Infiniti line.

    4) NO 18" wheels... 20s stock/22s optional, I believe it would be the first SUV to offer factory 22s (standard with the "Nismo" Limited Edition ;))

    5) I can't speak for the other guys, but I have an 03' and it would be really cool with a flick of a switch, when in reverse... right side mirror tilts down to see the curb for parallel parking.

    6) Better turning ratio

    7) That antenna? Looks kinda cool... but the truth is... lots of wind drag... to a point where I can hear it at high speed, and it doesn't even really work that great... my Acura TL didn't even had an antenna... well, not visually at least, it was integrated into the windshield and it work great. I live at the halfway point between San Diego and Los Angeles, with the Acura, I got both S.D. AND L.A. stations quite well... with the FX? terrible reception.

    ...anyway, that's all I can think of for now... maybe more later.

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  2. Frankiago

    Frankiago Evo Troll Premium

    Little bit "meaner" front end. I want the FX to look pissed off (hate to say it, but... like the X6). The BMW X6, from the front, looks like it eats small children. I want the FX to look like it just finished devouring a school bus of children and is hungry for the X6 as dessert.

    Offer a body molding option with body-matched trim instead of the plastic we have.

    I also HIGHLY agree on the turning radius. The FX's turning radius is ridiculous... the aforementioned Mustang can probably circle WITHIN the FX's turning circle.
  3. da mayor

    da mayor Member

    Infiniti pays their design team way too much. Even my input to the factory guys won't make a difference. The only thing they really got my feedback was the technical stuff like the bluetooth, the voice recognition, and how to make things easier since i'm one of the top 25 salesmen in the country.

    If I ever had a chance to go to Tennessee headquarters I won't shut my mouth on lots of things.
  4. JAB1

    JAB1 Member

    Ill think on this and come up with my input. First thing that comes to mind is improve customer service at the dealer and corporate level. I am so turned of I may not buy another infiniti, even though I LOVE the product. I now go to a nissan dealer to get my service done, night and day difference. I have warranty issues, the dealer blames the corp level, corp level blames the dealer, or they make it out like its my fault for not setting this up, I kind of figured mentioning it to the service manager 4 or 5 times might have done the trick, guess not. No one has taken control and fixed these issues. its just insane. If they were selling crack I could see where customer service may not be high on the priority list if the product is good, but this aint crack folks, its a 50,000 dollar car. Other than that as mentioned more power/performance with a nismo type upgrade package would be great. BTW I have had someone come up to me and say "man, now thats a ride that eats children for breakfast" after they heard me start it, and thats with stock exhaust!! I love infiniti as a brand, there mission seams to fit me well, being performance driven. I dont need white glove treatment, just a sincere interest in my satisfaction as a consumer and loyal customer via follow through on basic customer service would have made me a damn driving billboard for them, instead I speak of them how I feel via my own experience, great product, poor operational management on the dealer/cust service side. Sorry to turn this into a negative post, buts thats my feedback if they are reading.
  5. brown_fv

    brown_fv Premium Member Premium

    I agree infiniti definatly needs to step up their customer service...if i am right i believe infiniti has the lowest return customers among luxury car companies...i wouldnt be surprised if customer service is one of those reasons.
  6. Keemo

    Keemo Premium Member Premium

    My 2 cents.

    1) Stock 20's, 22's option
    2) Like you said Ken, Nismo addition or something along those lines. The Cheroke and Blazer have their sport additions and they are not even market as 'sport' SUV's.
    3) Heated Steering wheel.(For those of us in colder regions)
    4) Agree with Cube about slightly more aggressive front end.
    5) Ken said it again. With those 20's or 22's rolling, it'd be nice to know where the curb was when reversing.
    6) Remote trunk opening.
    7) and yes, turning ratio! It's embarassing to have to '2 point it' in a culdisac.
  7. OP

    trainerKEN iS VIP iS VIP

    man sorry to hear that, but imho... dealerships differ on how they handle warranty matters from one to another... But I DO agree they should all be on the same page with EVERYTHING. I don't know where you're from but out here in Southern Cali... I've had pretty good experience with the exception of Santa Monica Infiniti... Ironically these are also the people I walked in and wrote out a check to the entire amount of the car... It's a long story...
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2007
  8. JAB1

    JAB1 Member

    Thanks man. Yeah im in maine, thats part of the problem, no other infiniti dealers around to compete. I run businesses that are privately owned and franchised, just like the dealers, so I understand it varies. but as you said the most vital part of a sucessful brand is consistancy amoung individual franchisees, be it mcdonalds, marriott, or infiniti. When I have spoken to the corporate level infiniti, they make it out as they have no control over the dealer, and dealer says its up to infiniti corp to approve warrranty issues. Basically passing the buck, hell Id think the service manager would want the warranty work revenue coming in. I have worked alot in brand emersion tactics and thats not the way to please people across the brand,which leads to brand loyalty, which should be very important to infiniti execs. The customer usually has no clue if it is franchised or what, since I work in this field I think I am even more patient with these issues as I understand the challenges owners deal with in working with the franchise companies, but this has just been disappointing. I am sure there are some great Infiniti dealers out there, just wish they would be even close to consistant across the board..... I will say the sales team was great at this dealer, and even the service guy is nice enough face to face, just has excuses instead of results, and to many times I would go in, have that list of all the stuff they do all checked off, to find it wasnt done. simple stuff like checking air in tires, but if you check it saying you did it, do it. If you dont have time/etc, just tell me, Id understand, but lying and hoping I dont notice doesnt fly, and that stuff has happened more than once. Heated stearing wheel would be great, and cooled seats, and heated cooled front and back!! Also being able to set the awd bais would be nice, like going all rwd, or 50/50 front/back-etc, not sure how that would work, but id like it. I think the wrx/sti does that but not sure. btw good topic for a post!! Sorry for rambling
  9. jc'sfx

    jc'sfx Premium Member Premium

    how about cooled seats like the M35 and 45's?
  10. OP

    trainerKEN iS VIP iS VIP

    *how about cooled/heated seats for EVERYBODY? Not just the fronts seats.

    *quad pipes/exhaust for the V8/FX50?

    *after seeing rookies' "blue" thread... NO MORE orange dash please.

    *those cool headlights that turn when you turn... (beams towards the direction you're going).