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As fast as the FX came...

Discussion in 'QX70 Chat' started by iknowitsfast, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. ...it went. I traded in my 350z for the FX right before Thanksgiving. I already secured financing before going to the stealership so I figured all was good. Well, the FX had a lot of miles. The dealership lied to the bank about the miles...and when they lowballed the miles, it was still too high for the finance company to approve. When they tried to correct their mistake by telling them it had even lower miles, the bank didnt go for it now TWO months later, scrubbed the deal. So I got my Z back and gave them the FX. But since I never wanted to trade anyway, im pretty happy. Especially since my wife just inherited a used cadillac. Which will be my winter beater. Hopefully tho I can still stick around here. You guys are great people with awesome senses of humor and lots of knowledge. Thanx!

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  2. trainerKEN

    trainerKEN iS VIP iS VIP

    that's kinda cool, like having a loaner for a couple months (well, almost)
  3. OP

    iknowitsfast Member

    yeah especially since i went thru two snow storms in chicago with it. lol
  4. Dr.2K

    Dr.2K iS Doctor on Duty iS VIP

    Santa Clarita, CA
    2005 FX45
    Well maybe after experiencing the FX first hand in a LONG road test =), you can appreciate what a great vehicle it is and hopefully your next purchase will be into a newer FX!!! And of course by all means you are more then welcome to stick around. We love people with a good sense of humor and great attitude.
  5. rookie

    rookie Premium Member Premium

    ah, well at least you had a good time in it. I can see the forced type transition (out of the Z) not being the most ideal way but hey enjoy the Z all over again.
  6. da mayor

    da mayor Member

    wow, i would never be able to let a car go and lie about mileage... well im' sure you enjoyed the FX for a fun few months.
  7. wasabiz45

    wasabiz45 Member

    jules man, i hope you found your happiness. Sucks to hear about the dealer throwing you off. At least you got your Z back! See you in the meets around town, i'll try to attend as many as i can.:)