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FX45 3rd (?) FX45

Discussion in 'FX (03-08) - Engine & Drivetrain' started by trainerKEN, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. trainerKEN

    trainerKEN iS VIP iS VIP

    "trainerKEN" here, I just wanted to say "Hey"... since March, I was actually registered at .org, well... half registered anyway... I never got my "complete registration" email... I know now that it got sorted out to "bulk mail" and didn't know it... (that's what happened when I registered with this site, but luckily I checked my bulk mail this time)... anyway, I got my 03' FX45 back in March, I'm just glad I'm able to post here (I was only able to "lurk" over at .org). I've been a long time member at acurazine.com (I used to drive a 02' TL-S), and still very active there, but hope to be just as active here. thanks Mongolian for telling me about this site... I was getting really frustrated not being able to participate over at .org (I couldn't even contact the mods and admins. :mad:)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. rookie

    rookie Premium Member Premium

    Welcome to the scene. :biggrin:

    ShadyJC is a moderator on the org and is registered here if you need to contact someone there.
    Sweet background. I love Cali. :cool:

    Stay, read feel free to post any questions you have.
  3. fxlr8

    fxlr8 Staff Administrator

    Welcome, enjoy the site.

    Nice car also.....
  4. Dr.2K

    Dr.2K iS Doctor on Duty iS VIP

    Santa Clarita, CA
    2005 FX45
    Welcome! from one fellow 45'r to another.
  5. OP

    trainerKEN iS VIP iS VIP

    thanks guys,:rolleyes:

    I have to admit... I did get a lot of info over @ .org I learned about and got the LMS intake, Stillen STB, and soon Stillen exhaust, as soon as I sell my 19" wheels that came off my Acura TL-S. Then after the exhaust... TS reflash ;)
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2007
  6. Psiclne

    Psiclne Guest

    Welcome to the Scene - I like the pics you took- totally defines So Cal! :biggrin:
  7. Lainezki

    Lainezki Member

    Santa Monica
    2003 FX 35
    Welcome to the scene. :biggrin:
  8. Deecarp

    Deecarp Member

    Bay Area
    QX60 AWD
    Welcome to the Scene, very nice 45.
  9. Krayzie

    Krayzie AĆ©rospatiale

    i wish we had beaches like that here:rofl:
  10. HumbertoCALI

    HumbertoCALI Premium Member Premium

    South Gate, CA
    2003 FX45 AWD
    +1 welcome to the forum.great people and a good attitude about sharing what they have learned in their journey as FX moders.
  11. Frankiago

    Frankiago Evo Troll Premium

    Welcome, have fun, and I like the black-out on the tails. You do that yourself? Overlay or spray tint? I plan on blacking out my reds just to have somethin to swap to when I feel like mixing it up.
  12. OP

    trainerKEN iS VIP iS VIP

    initially, I bought the film to "smoke" them... but the corners (tail lights)were just too hard... I don't even think it's possible... (unless you can somehow find pre-cuts for our model) so I bought that cheap spray stuff off eBay... and it came out really bad... (mind you, I'm still working on the tail lights and hadn't even gotten to the reflectors and 3rd brake light yet), so I got frustrated and had a bodyshop do the tail lights... luckily, I know the owner and he only charged me $50 to do it... he actually popped the tail lights out and scuffed them first... paint, then heat treatment... I had some left over film... so I did the reflectors and 3rd brake light myself... that was VERY easy cuz there aren't any corners to deal with...