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24X10 wheels. Need OFFSET help

Discussion in 'FX (03-08) - Wheels & Suspension' started by iMotionFX45, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. iMotionFX45

    iMotionFX45 Member

    Likes Received:
    Houston, TX
    I'm ordering some 24's for my car pretty soon but i need some help with fitment first.

    I've been looking all around the forums and reading up on a lot of offset threads and in theory i think i have the right set up that I'm looking for but just some some advanced opinion from some aggressive offset experienced people.

    Most helpful thread by Rookie

    The thing that makes it hard for me to figure out is the air suspension that i'm about to install. I don't know how the negative the camber will get when/if i tuck the wheels.

    Okay, Does this sound right?

    24X10 in the rear with +25 offset
    Inner Clearance: 10mm less
    Outer Position: Extends an extra 40mm

    24X9.5 in the front with +24 offset
    Inner Clearance: 3mm less
    Outer Position: Extends an extra 35mm

    Is that enough for a staggered look?
    Will the front air baggs have a chance of rubbing?
    Will the wheels clear enough to tuck?
    Could i have more space to add more positive offset?

    Here's a pic of the airrunner FX on 22"S

    Here's the tuck that i'm looking for. Kinda JDM VIP inspired but not as crazy as the ones you see with camber so negative that the car is riding on the sidewall of the tire. I also don't want to stretch my tires to make enough room to rest the quarter panel on the lip (too scary to stretch 25 series tires)


    Don't want to go this crazy.. stretched tires are scary.

    Another problem is I'm not sure what size tires to get.
    I want the same size tire all the way around just so the rear can have a slight stretch. I want to keep as close to stock tire hight as possible without being too thin.

    295/25/24, 305/25/24, 305/25/24, 305/30/24, or something completely different?

    Thanks a head of time for any help.

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  2. rookie

    rookie Premium Member Premium

    Likes Received:
    Westminster OC
    Wow, the linked thread was so long ago. I later found out from HRE my offset on the 22x10s is +22.5 or something like that.

    You should be able to run the 24x10 +25 in the rear, we have a lot of space back there so clearance shouldn't be an issue. The amount of suspension travel we have is crazy, my rear bag is placed on the top of the spring bucket not in the bucket. If it were in the bucket and I had enough wheel well the exhaust could be put onto the ground. For the camber thing, having the best of both worlds is hard if you care about the tires. You can have the driving height be extremely low and it won't camber that much when all the way down. You'll need more adjustments than the stock bolts provide but I have a solution for that.

    For the front, 9.5" +24 is pretty aggressive if you have too much sidewall bulge. You should be able to run the same size tire front and rear with only a 1/2" difference in wheel widths.
  3. OP

    iMotionFX45 Member

    Likes Received:
    Houston, TX
    Thanks Rookie... So you think i should back off a little bit on the front wheel offset or roll 24X9.

    Also, what size tires do you think would be the best. 25 or 30 series?
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