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    May 2011
    New York
    2009 FX35 AWD
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    TSB 2013 Infiniti JX35: Leak at Washer Bottle Filler Neck

    2013 Infiniti JX35; Leak at Washer Bottle Filler Neck


    IF YOU CONFIRM There is a leak at the washer bottle filler neck when the bottle is filled to the top of the filler neck. ACTIONS 1. Remove the washer bottle filler neck. 2. Dry and reposition the filler neck o-ring seal. 3. Apply mild dish soap tothe o-ring seal. 4. Reinstall the washer bottle filler neck. See this bulletin for further detail.

    Not a big deal but already??


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    davidcarson48 Guest
    So basically you fix US built Infiniti models with dish soap. Nice.

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    Mar 2010
    2010 FX35 AWD
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    Looks like repositioning the seal fixes it..



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